Most of the goods that we offer, were made on our factory . We control the full process of cutting and assorting very strictly, so we can offer you perfect stones in best possible price.

All our stones have strict parameters, grading, calibration and polishing. For our wholesale customers we give ability to create their own unique collection of designs.

We try to work not only with regular materials but with not very famous also. It can help you to make your merchandise more colorful and unusual. 

We do our best to help you to create wonderful jewelry It’s a honor for us to serve you. Let us to be your business partner and together we will

make your precious dreams real.

Trade House “Kaletta” was established in 2007 and it’s a well known supplier of natural stones in Russia. We have two offices in Russia and one in Armenia, where you can purchase stones or check the merchandise. Our company does manufacturing of natural stones for more than a year. We will be very pleased to offer you:

- all kinds of precious stones in different shapes (diamond cut up to 2 mm)

- fancy cut semi-precious stones – every day our best designers create new cuttings/ If you can’t find anything interesting for you in our catalog - than we can prepare the design according to your taste and recommendations

- diamonds from 000 to 5 ct size in different shapes and grades

-exclusive stones








  • Moscow
  • Russia, Moscow, blagoveshchenskiy side-street 1a
  • Tel / Fax: + 7 (495) 280 79 60
  • Working times:Mon-Fri. from 9.30 AM to 06.00 PM

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